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This Zip Album contains 48 tracks- 2.9 hours of music! that were contributed by National and Regional Artists and Bands to raise money for victims of the Stage Collapse that happened before the Sugarland show at the Indiana State Fair 2011. When you purchase it, you will have access to the complete, high resolution MP3 ZIPAlbum download -268 meg- and also have each individual track accessible on your Indyrok Media account.  There is an amazing variety of music here, and you will not find this combination of artists anywhere else at any price.  To have this music and simultaneously help good people in need is indeed worthy.

The Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund was established by Indiana State Fair Commission and Central Indiana Community Foundation. The fund will be used to provide support for the families of those who perished, as well as those who were injured and their families. and Indyrok Media are collecting funds and sending them directly to The Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund.  Please check here for their details Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund

It should be noted that Indyrok Media and MusicBenefit.US are not affiliated with this fund or its administration, but are collecting money to be sent to this established fund that has distribution to those affected already in place.  The donations and music download are run through Indyrok Media at then forwarded to the fund in chunks through the anniversary of the tragedy in 2012.  It is also possible to donate directly to The Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund

The goal of this project is to increase awareness and donations to The Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund.  Whether you donate via our website or directly, PLEASE donate to help those who have survived this tragedy or lost loved ones.  There are good people who need our help now.  Thank you for reading this and your support!

Check here for Indiana Business Journal's article on compensation for those affected by this tragedy.

Price: $10.00
Aaron Persinger- Just A Voice.mp3
Andy Hollinden- Maybe Later.mp3
Belligerent Bendjaos- Hum Along.mp3
Bil Whitefeather- High Sun.mp3
Born Again Floozies- All The Gangstas Say.mp3
Brando- Crows and Feathers.mp3
Breaking Laces- Carry On.mp3
Brian Deer- Let You Down.mp3
Cara Jean Wahlers- For Me And You.mp3
Charles Gonzalez & The Stereo Glitter- She Leans Close And Whispers "Explode".mp3
Danny Thompson- True Romance.mp3
Dave Marriner- I Don't Know.mp3
Dayna Kurtz- Billboards for Jesus.mp3
Deep Cricket Night- Black Rider's Mane.mp3
Deli Bandits- Two Breakfast Weekend.mp3
Devil to Pay- Troglodyte Jive.mp3
Everthus The Deadbeats- Organics Mechanics.mp3
Everything, Now!- Hope in Fearsville.mp3
Five Year Mission- Errand of Mercy.mp3
Grey Granite and J. Brookinz- Future Ninja.mp3
Indiana Stage Collapse Project Download Artists and Titles with Cover and zip link.pdf
Jeff DeHerdt- Maybe It's Time.mp3
Jethro Easyfields- Plain as Day.mp3
Kate Lamont- In the Pines.mp3
Lines of Nazca- has it been so long ago.mp3
Neon Love Life- A.M. Sun.mp3
Off Balance- Doomed for Dementia.mp3
PJ Christie- Dangerous Signs.mp3
Pennycuff- Upside of Comin Down.mp3
Phyllis- Prove You Wrong.mp3
Red Light Driver- Diamond Rough.mp3
Rusted Root- Dance in the Middle.mp3
Ryan Williams- The Fire.mp3
Salvador Dalai Llama Farm- The Wonderful Denial.mp3
Sardina- In April.mp3
Sean Kelly- Indiana.mp3
Spud Puppies- Good Seeds.mp3
The Gitmos- Your Government Is Lying.mp3
The Honneycombs- When The Going Gets Sad.mp3
The Humans- There Must Be An End.mp3
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band- Jiffy Corn Bread Mix.mp3
The Salt Walthers- High Hopes.mp3
The Slurs- Radio Ready.mp3
The Vulgar Boatmen- Shake.mp3
The Weakest Suit- The Kiss Goodbye Lie.mp3
Truth and Salvage Co.- Heart Like a Wheel(acoustic).mp3
Will C Pickens- The Monkey Butler.mp3
Woah!Tiger- Three Coins.mp3
pfau- Satellite.mp3
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